Kamariera Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa


Ngāti Horahia, Ngāti Titoki (1823 – 1920)

Iwi map - Kamariera Te Hau Takari WharepapaIWI / HAPU AFFILIATIONS

Kamariera Te Hau Takari Wharepapa was born at Mangākahia. In 1863 he was one of 14 Māori who travelled to England aboard the ship Ida Ziegler under the sponsorship of Wesleyan missionary William Jenkins. While in England he was presented to Queen Victoria and married Elizabeth Reid, an English housemaid. The first of their five daughters was born on the return journey to New Zealand and the family settled in Maungakahia in 1864 where Elizabeth helped her husband lobby for a school, which was eventually built.

Wharepapa's marriage to Elizabeth Reid was published in the English Mail with the headline 'Amalgamation of the Races' to make public the idea that when English fathers give consent for their daughters to marry Māori, the races are amalgamated. They were married at the parish church of St Anne, Limehouse. Miss Reid was from the parish of Marylebone and they were married by Rev. E. Day.1

His marriage to Elizabeth Reid eventually broke down for it is said she tired of life on a Māori kāinga. Their daughter Mary Faith married artist Thomas Ryan on 1 July 1903, at St Mary's Cathedral, Auckland. Wharepapa died at Mangakahia in 1920.

While Lindauer painted this portrait in 1895, he was not the only artist to capture his likeness. Wharepapa was also photographed with Charles Goldie.


  1. ‘Local Intelligence’, Wellington Independent, vol XIX, issue 2078, 23 June 1864, p 2, Papers Past, accessed 2 March 2010.
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  • Marlene Skeet - Pahauwera/ Ngati kahungunu

    At 9am on 28 April 2015

    Marlene Skeet-Puketitiri Napier Tena Koe I have a soft leather painting of Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa that was given to me from one of the local farmers here. It was a gift to the farmer of which the farmer passed and the rest of the family felt their was no need to keep this taonga. It has a feeling of beautiful spirit and when I feel the defining marks of his Tamoko which have been carved into the leather work I understand his defining landmarks of the adversity and challenges he must have faced to become great leader. I am writing a story of my own whakapapa, what came to my home here in Puketitiri as in the painting and I would appreciate more detail of him as a leader. I have been searching for is Papakainga to send the painting on but feel he is not ready to come off my wall. Perhaps I will recognise a little bit more of him if I could read what lies beneath his Tamoko.

  • Huhana Turupa Rare - Ngati Porou Ngapuhi

    At 4pm on 7 February 2015

    My father was Te Hau Ruwhiu his father was Ngawati Hunua Ruwhiu who married Kamariera's youngest daughter Huhana Susan Wharepapa. I was Named after Huhana and my Mum's mum Turupa Tawhara. My Mum was Te Here Taiapa Huhana Turupa Rare

  • Russell Carnes

    At 5pm on 3 March 2014

    Hi I have a question I have 3 painting of 3 different men one of them being this gentleman, I was told that they were handed Dow by generations wether this is true or not I was told there worth a lot of money once again wether if this is true, I would like to know how do u find if there replicas or not please help

  • ivy rabena

    At 5am on 23 January 2014

    iv been dreaming of this man, since childhood.... a warrior, a samurai at his back, long hair, who loves me so much. 1 day a news came to me that he's gone, for longing for him, i died. but 1 day he showed up, n upon seeing my dead body, he rushed to hug me tight n cried loud. " the love continues ..." he said... so many dreams about his waiting for me. until last nov 2013, i dreamed of him saying,"TAKIRI". .. i cant blv, that theres actually a takiri (?)

  • Taima Perawiti - Maniapoto/Rereahu

    At 4pm on 8 November 2013

    Kia Ora. I'm trying to find any info about my great great grandmother Taima Morgan/Mokena. All i know about her is she's from kihikihi area where she is buried and that she was married to Whatarangi and had a daughter Pii. No one in the whanau seems to know anything about her so if anyone knows anything about her or could point me in the direction of someone that would know would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Maurice Heke - ngapuhi

    At 6pm on 21 October 2013

    Tena koi whanau,any information regarding Te Hau Takiri you can request an invite to visit my whanau whakapapa site.Kamariera is my great great grandfather.My father, also Kamariera,I believe in the beginning was tutored by the great man himself on his whakapapa.All the Heke whanau are proud descendants of this honourable and brave man....email .jake.t.mus@hotmail.co.nz

  • Iritana - Ngapuhi/Ngati Hine

    At 4pm on 3 October 2013

    This is my great great grandfather which I have many pictures and stories about, my father met him when he was 7 and never forgot his stories. I must say there is a lot of mis-information out there about him, that is when he was born and when he died. He was 101 years old when he died which is on his headstone that I visit regularly here in the North.

  • Anonymous

    At 2am on 18 June 2013

    I have a copy of this on linen or flax or something. All ity says is from a painting by lindauer etc. - looks pretty old Just turned up in a waldrobe in Spain

  • Chemice - Ngati Kahungunu/Rongowhakaata/Tainui

    At 9am on 12 June 2013

    I have an amazing replica of this done on velvet hanging beautifully in my sitting room. it came from my grandmother who has had it for many years.

  • shirlee simmons

    At 5pm on 30 March 2013

    Hi My sons friend gave him 2 portraits and he bought them home. One of the portraits is a replica of Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa this appears to be a replica painted by Gottfried Lindauer. This appears to be quite old. I have no way of finding the original owner so I would like to return this to his family. Could someone help locate his family so that I can send this to them, please email me shirleesimmons@gmail.com Thank you

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