Ratene Hihitawa


Ngāti Pukenga, Te Tawera

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Gottfried Lindauer painted this portrait of Ratene Hihitawa in 1897. We know almost nothing about Hihitawa. He is wearing a kahu hururu made of kiwi feathers. A kuru pounamu or ancestral treasure is suspended from his ear and ornaments such as kuru, represent enduring friendship with people and were often bestowed with personal names.


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    Ratene Hihitawa of Ngāti Pukenga contributed by Shane Ashby, Ngāti Pukenga, Te Tawera, Waitaha, Tapuika, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Tamatera on 6 September 2010

    Ratene is an ancestor of the Ngati Pukenga and Te Tawera iwi. He is descended from the ancestors, Pukenga and Kumaramaoa from whom these two tribes descend. He was one of the principle chiefs of the Ngati Pukenga during the Tauranga wars in 1863. He along with other chiefs and warriors of Ngati Pukenga and Te Tawera were recalled to Manaia in Hauraki at the request of Te Kouorehua, the paramount chief at the time. Te Kou had asked that all his people come and reside with him to avoid participating or getting caught up in the impending war. Though Ngati Pukenga did not participate they still lost all their lands to confiscation and various other methods of appropriation by the Crown. One of those large appropriations of land was labelled the Te Puna and Katikati block purchase. While Ratene, along with other principle chiefs of the tribe signed a deed of sale in 1866 it is clear they were unwilling sellers and subsequently all Ngati Pukenga's interests on the western side of the tauranga harbor were lost. The Te Puna Katikati purchase is now the subject of Treaty settlements being negotiated by both his descendants and iwi, Ngati Pukenga today.

    Shane Ashby,

    Ngāti Pukenga, Te Tawera, Waitaha, Tapuika, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Tamatera

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  • Rirituku Paul - Ngati Ahuru /Mahana - Raukawa

    At 5pm on 16 January 2013

    Our whanau have a sketched painting of a Rangatira, sketched by: T.Ryan 1897 , Our grandparents had him hanging in the hallway with other passed ancestors , the rest have gone among the whanau after our grandmother died in 1993 aged 84yrs many were taken but this particular one stayed , of asked many elders and whanau if they know this Rangatira nobody could say" Pitty' not even my aunties and uncles knew who he was , goes to show my grandparents didn't teach them much not that any of them can korero te reo let alone know tikanga as they all left there hau kainga to work in Auckland back in the 60's. anyway back to our Rangatira i came accross the site and seen this Picture of Te Rangatira Ratene Hihitawa , This Sketched painting looks like him i know my grandfather has strong connections with Ngati Pukenga ,Ngati Ahuru and Tapuika , Waitaha , Tamapohore , direct lineage.

  • Martin Ward - New Zealander

    At 12pm on 3 April 2011

    Hi I have a painted copy of this painting it was painted in the 1900s and is as beautiful as the original (it does not have the small tuffed of hair on his chin) painted. if you like i will send you a picture of my painting. It is a treasured piece in my art collection

  • Terry Constable

    At 2pm on 17 October 2010

    Hi, I was just sorting out my stored pictures and have this one now hanging on the wall. I got it when my father past on.

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