In 1901, visitors to the newly opened Lindauer Art Gallery on Queen Street in Auckland were able to sign a Visitors' Book and leave a comment about their experience. In the same spirit, we invite you to sign your name and share your reflections in the Whakamīharo Lindauer Online Guestbook.

Whakamīharo Lindauer Online

Ingoa Name Iwi Iwi Kainga Residence Whakaaro Comments
Watene Wally Tukukino Ngati Tamatera/ Ngati Maru Auckland On page 1 of the Guestbook an Anonymous comment was made re further details on Tukukino. As I am a descendant of Tukukino do you have an e-mail for Anon. I am willing to correspond to this person if this is permissable
Johnny Tepania Te Rarawa/Ngati Rangi/NgaPuhi Auckland kia ora!!
Laura Dawson Ngati Pakeha Taupo I love the TV programme, the highlight of my week. Thank you so much to all the people who made these portraits available and the whanau who shared their stories. Please, please make the programme available as a DVD so I can return again and again to the images and the stories AND catch up on the episode or two that I have missed. I would love also to have a reprint of "Grompy: The Story of a Pioneer" by Eileen Clayton, a descendent of Henry Partridge. These are all important NZ stories to share.
Ria Waikerepuru Haamua/Haapotiki/Ngati Tupaea Otaki Thank you. This was great.
Vilem Hubner Prague Here in the Czech Republic, an art exhibition featuring fine arts by Czech artists that were created in 1850-1950 and inspired by non-European cultures is opening on 30 Jan 2013 in Lindauer's birth town of Plzen (Pilsen). Among many others, the exhibiton also shows two of his Maori portraits - Harawira te Mahikai, and Mrs. Haromi, both dated 1907. This was for the first time that I learned about this painter and his oeuvre. What a fascinating story! And how valued these paintings are for the descendants of the people he painted, for New Zealand's history, and also for Lindauer's Czech countrymen for whom this is a real discovery! Like your website very much.
Miroslav Nemec Plzen My name is Miroslav Nemec. I'm a genealogist, I live in Pilsen in the Czech Republic, where he was born Gottfried Lindauer. I have processed his pedigree. He lives in Auckland some of his descendants? If interested, you may call me.
Anonymous hagatna, guam I loved the pictures...i especially am interested on the painting of TUKUKINO, he looks so much like my father...can you tell more of his father is JOAQUIN TAITANO AQUININGOC and he looks so much like TUKUKINO, i do not know much of my father's history, please tell me of TUKUKINO...
Kamaka Hawaiiloa Tarawa Ngaiterangi/NgatiRanginui/Te Arawa/Tuwharetoa/Tainui Tamaki Makaurau So grateful and so privileged to view a true likeness of my tipuna matua, Tomika te Mutu. Thank you Lindauer and the Partridge famz for the creation of this taonga and thank you Akld. Art Gallery for the care and preservation of it. NOW HAND IT OVER, LOL! NB. I've emailed the Australian National Library re the Lindauer painting of Tomika that they have. The manu which adorns his right taringa is the Huia. How unique is that all you body-piercing buffs around the world? Awesome painting! Kia ora taku ngakau!

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