Eruera Maihi Patuone


Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hao (1764 - 1872)

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Eruera Maihi Patuone was the eldest son of Tapua, leader and tohunga of Ngāti Hao of Hokianga. Through his father he was descended from Rahiri, ancestor of Nga Puhi; through his mother, Te Kawehau, he was descended from Te Wairua, the ancestor also of Rewa (Manu), Hongi Hika and Hone Heke. Patuone was also the elder brother of Waka Nene.1

Patuone's name commemorates the deaths of his older brothers Te Anga and Ruanui who were killed in a skirmish, as a result of Ngāpuhi expanding their boundaries. The brothers were killed on a beach. A patu is a close combat weapon and can also mean to be killed. One is the beach or sand. The names Eruera Maihi were Patuone's baptismal names after he was baptised as an Anglican on 26 January 1840.  Eruera is the Māori name for Edward as Maihi is for Marsh. Edward Marsh was missionary Henry Williams oldest son.2

Patuone's wives are remembered as Te Wheke whom he married in 1795. After her death in 1828 he married his second wife Te Hoiia whom he outlived. His third wife was Riria Takarangi of Ngāti Paoa. His fourth wife was Rutu of Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Hao.3

Patuone signed the Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand in 1836 and a visit to the north in 1840 enabled him to be present in February at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.4 Together with his brother Nene, they traded in kauri spars and pigs out of Hokianga.5

On 22 December 1858, Patuone and Paora Tuhaere welcomed newly arrived Dalmatian immigrants to Auckland at Awataha on the North Shore; a custom they continued for all new migrants to Auckland.

Patuone died at his residence on the North Shore in Auckland and is buried on the slopes of Mount Victoria at Devonport.  At his tangi, it was observed that Paora Tuhaere wore a mourning wreath of pohue and the wife of Chief Tionga of Ngāpuhi wore a wreath of kereru feathers.6 When he died in 1872, estimates of Patuone's age varied between 96 and 112.


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  • Prince Daoud Al-Saud - Quraysh of Saudi Arabia

    At 9pm on 2 October 2013

    All you need to do is copy and save a pic of Patuone etc and print. I have two cousins, directly descended from Eruera Patuone Catherine Rewa Eruera (Edwards) and Joanne Teru Eruera (Edwards) - my father's cousin married their father "Boyd" Eruera.

  • Amy Cooper, Auckland Art Gallery

    At 11am on 15 January 2013

    Hi Anonymous, reproductions of artworks usually have little monetary value, as they are often produced in great numbers. However, they are appreciated for other reasons.

  • Anonymous

    At 3pm on 25 December 2012

    Hi there we live on Maui and my cousin lost her house and had an estate sale in which this portrait of Eruera Maihi Patuone (reproduction) was given to us. Is it worth something? The material and frame it's on is good quality.

  • Anonymous

    At 10am on 3 September 2012

    dey shud not be for sale, but handed to whanau

  • Maraea Henderson - Nga Puhi / Ngati Hao

    At 11am on 15 May 2012

    thanks for this info , Patuone is my five great garanddad , and this helped a lot. thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    At 10am on 1 April 2012

    What would it cost to purchase a print of Eruera Maihi Patuone Thank you

  • Caroline McBride

    At 10am on 15 June 2011

    Hi Judy - please see our FAQs at the bottom of this page for a response re selling Lindauer prints.

  • Brent Thompson - Ngapuhi - decendant of Eruera Maihi Patuone

    At 2pm on 8 June 2011

    Hello there I would definitely relieve you of your print. i only have a fuzzy old copy of the auckland city library print there. I'd really like to obtain a proper one, just let me know how to go about it. thank you - Brent

  • Judy Robinson

    At 10am on 27 May 2011

    I have this print which I now would like to sell. Could you advise as to where I should make enquires to sell.

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